So What’s the Idea Behind Dirty Podcast

The idea behind Dirty Podcast is to have a bit of a laugh really.  As adult video editors for one of the internets largest and most popular adult web sites, we speak to each other 5, 6, 7 times a week via Skype and our conversations often start off about work related issues but then go off in a bit of a tangent.

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In the back of my head I often think “this conversation would make a brilliant podcast”, and one day I said it out-loud.  I was happy to hear that my colleague was also thinking the same thing.

After a doing a bit of domain name searching, I came up with – I think it portraits a little bit about what our podcasts will be be about.  I don’t think we will be discussing too much specific work related issues, as we are aware of restrictions on some podcasting publishing platforms.

But I think we will be able to talk about as much adult work that will keep people amused, interested and coming back for more.

I see podcasting as a great alternative to trying to create YouTube channels.  I have personally tried and failed to start a YouTube channel based around my adult video editing career. As soon as YouTube got a sniff of my SFW content, the channel was banned.

Listening to Dirty Podcast in the bath, in the car, or just chilling out is what I envision people doing on a weekly basis.  I already have 3 episodes written in my head ready to record.

The social media accounts are already open :

Instagram – @dirtypodcast

Twitter – @dirty_podcast

Facebook – thedirtypodcast


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